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Cabinet :
High impact exterior grade upper and lower front panels with galvanized steel side panels,Rigid,non-corroding galvanized basepan and mid-pan.

Durable polypropylene,Self-closing,No drip, ease to operate, Child resistant safer faucet available.
Bubbletop cooler
Drip Receptor :
High impact ABS injection molded with grill. Easily removable for cleaning.

Cold Water Reservoir :
type 304 stainless steel, External copper refrigerant coil, Reservoir insulation is polystyrenefoam and removable.

Cold Water Thermostat :
Temperature is controlled by adjustable thermostat easily accessible on rear of cabinet.

Refrigeration Unit : 
Convection cooled condensor, Internally spring mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector, No lubrication needed, Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant is controlled by calibrated capillary tube.
Spike - Non spike Sys.

Standard A-B

Capacity :
Cooler provides 1.2 G.P.H. (4.5 L.P.H.) Of 50' F(10'C )/G-01A model & 2.4 G.P.H(9.0 L.P.H.) Of 180'F-190'F(82' C-88' C)/ G-01A model water when room temperature and bottled water temperature are 90'F(32' C).

Hot Tank :
Type 304 stainless steel. 500 Watt externally mounted band type heating element can be easily removed without draining the water from the cooler. Storage capacity is 1.8 liters.

Hot Water Thermostat :
Automatic thermostat factory set at approximately 180'F-190'F(82'C-88 C).Hot tank is protected by a heat limiter in the event of a thermostat failure. A hot tank is on/off switch located on rear of cabinet is easily accessible.

Electrical :
220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. Compressor 1/10HP normal load. Amps: Cook & Cold 0.53a Hot & Cold 2.75A, 3 wire service cord and polarized plug famished.

Net Weights (approx.) :
G-01A model: 19kg, G-01A model; 17kg
Shipping Weights :
G-01A model: 21kg, G-01A model; 19kg
Shipping Dimensions :
330mm * 330mm * 1000mm

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